Mountain region

Ascent to the summit in the high hill country a paradise for the adventurous –this is the high hill land above the capital city of Kenya Nairobi. A country of mountain peaks, spectacular water fall and remote alpine moors that provide a unique and breathtaking African landscape. The Mount Kenya region stretching from the foothills of Mt. Kenya and the Aberdares Ranges to the outskirts of Nairobi contains a pristine indigenous forest with unique microclimates that is teeming with wildlife.

For the discerning traveller, will enjoy adrenalin- fuelled sports such as white-water rafting, mountaineering and bungee jumping and other less strenuous activities such as hill walking and trout fishing. Mt. Kenya offers climbers an opportunity to conquer Africa‘s second highest mountain as well as walk through an alpine meadow in the clouds, bracing one-self against the wind as  the terrain becomes rocky and desolate. The popular Aberdare ranges whose summits can be reached a strenuous high-altitude at trek.

Kenya is famous for the awe inspiring safari opportunities and many activities for most experiential break such as birdwatching in the national parks. Mwea National Reserve has over 200 species of birds and it’s renowned for its water birds and wanders. The reserve is also the only protected area in which the globally threatened and Kenya-endemic Hinde’s is known to occur. The reserve also shelters two other rare species: Pel’s fish owl and the white –backed night heron. Birdwatching in Aberdare National Park is rewarding, too, with species including Jackson’s francolin, sparry hawk, goshawk, eagle, sunbird and plover.

Fishing for the keen anglers, there is excellent fishing in the many cool mountain streams that flow through Aberdare forest. Aberdare National Park is a wonderful place in which to fish for brown and rainbow trout. Mt Kenya National park also has opportunities for fishing. Kenya permits only fly-fishing.

Cave exploration in the foot hills of Mount Kenya are the Mau Mau Caves, used as hideout by Kenya revolutionaries in 1952.The magnificent Mount Kenya landscape is a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site.


  • Mount Kenya National Park
    Mount Kenya National Park
    The scenic beauty of Mount Kenya National Park is quite superb as Mt. Kenya; Africa’s second highest mountain soars towards the skies. Forest belts play host to a great variety of animals and plants which include several unique species. Occasional sightings of albino zebra, black leopard, and the rare and elusive bongo have been recorded in the upper reaches of this fascinating game park.
  • Aberdare National Park
    Aberdare National Park
    The Aberdare National Park is home to the Aberdare Mountain Ranges whose V shaped valleys are covered by lush vegetation. Streams and rivers cascades over spectacular waterfalls, including Kenya's longest drop of approximately 1,000 feet. The Aberdare Mountains are one of the homes of ‘Ngai’ the God of the Kikuyu people.

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