• Celebrate Environmental Conservationist
    Celebrate Environmental Conservationist
    Celebrating the Kenya Nation at 50 and we celebrates let us those who have given us something to celebrate about. Sometimes back in one of the local dailies was an article of a discovery of a flamingo aged 50 years. Reading through the article it was amazing what a coincidence of the years fifty years country Old having attained independence in 1963.
  • Kenya’s Soda Lakes workshop
    Kenya’s Soda Lakes workshop
    Kenya’s Soda Lakes workshop will be held on 4-6th December, 2013 at Kenya Wildlife Service Training Institute (KWSTI), Naivasha, Kenya. Kenya is home to salty alkaline (soda) lakes that are all found within the Rift Valley which support a rich lacustrine wildlife, some of which are endemic and highly specialized to the unique environment within one particular lake.
  • Park, Wildlife and Marine Code
    Park, Wildlife and Marine Code
    Wildlife Code

      -Respect the privacy of the wildlife, this is their habitat.

    Marine Wildlife Code

      -Check local weather and sea conditions before entering the marine park.






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