Mount Kenya National Park

The scenic beauty of Mount Kenya National Park is quite superb as Mt. Kenya; Africa’s second highest mountain soars towards the skies. Forest belts play host to a great variety of animals and plants which include several unique species. Occasional sightings of albino zebra, black leopard, and the rare and elusive bongo have been recorded in the upper reaches of this fascinating game park. Other animals in the park include elephants, buffalo, lion, and antelope.

Mount Kenya National Reserve is for the extremely adventurous and those looking to test their boundaries. Challenge the natural landscape and scale the 5199 metres to the top of Mt. Kenya, the highest mountain in Kenya and the second highest in Africa after Mt. Kilimanjaro. Mountain climbers must take time to undergo acclimatization (to become used to the high altitude) before climbing to reduce the risk of altitude sickness.

The best time to climb Mt. Kenya is January, February, august, and September. For those who many not wish to climb the mountain and nevertheless want to enjoy the mountain air, the wonderful scenery, peace and serenity that emanate from the mountains, around the foothills. Mount Kenya National Reserve straddles the equator and the entire mountain contour forms Mt. Kenya National park. UNESCO - Site is described as one of the most impressive Landscpes in East Africa with its rugged glaciers and peaks,afro-alpine moorlands and diverse forests,lakes,tarns and mineral springs. Here one may find rare and endagered animals as well as unique montane and alpine vegetation including 11 enedemic plants.

Mysterious,myths and mountains the ethnic Kikuyu people who live in central highland of Kenya believed that the mountain is sacred and was the main home of their God. Although even the other smaller mounts such as the Kilimabogo, Ngong hills and the Aberdare Ranges were also significant.Mt. Kenya known as Kiri-nyaga whose literal meaning is 'have ostriches’. The Kikuyus also fondly refer to their God (Ngai) during praises and adoration as ‘Mwenenyaga’ meaning the ‘owner of Ostriches’ and that Mt.Kenya as the seat of their God. The name Kenya comes from the inability of the British to pronounce and write Kirinyaga correctly.

Highlights of Mount Kenya National Park

  • Touch and walk on the last of the few of remaining and quickly diminishing equatorial glaciers.
  • Unique experience amazing landscape of Mt. Kenya
  • Trek through rolling hillsides covered with unique high elevation vegetation
  • Unique plants that have adapted to the harsh equatorial highlands
  • Finest views of Mt. Kenya's spectacular rocky peaks.

Adventure and Pleasure at the Mount Kenya National Park

  • Helicopter Scenic flight
  • Romantic Honey moon on the slopes
  • Romantic holiday - Royal Romance
  • Scale the second tallest mountai in. the African continent.
  • Bird watching,photography,walking
  • View wild game
  • Visit two hemispheres

Sample Itinerary

Day 1 : Arrival Nairobi.  Days 2/4 : Mt Kenya  Days 5/7 :  Nakuru  Days 8 /10 : Masai Mara  Day 11 : Home bound Flight via Nairobi

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Suggested Itineraries

  • Mount Kenya trek - Sirimon Route
    Mount Kenya trek - Sirimon Route
    Mount Kenya trek where the climbers an in the opportunity to conquer Africa’s second-highest mountain as well as a chance to walker through alpine meadows in clouds, bracing oneself against the wind as the land becomes rocky and desolate. Away from the more frequently visited tourism trails game viewing experience in the mountain region is more leisurely.
  • Mount Kenya Walk – scale the heights
    Mount Kenya Walk - scale the heights
    STRADDLING THE EQUATOR – sprawled across two hemisphere Mount Kenya the ‘twin-peaked' mountain is a remarkable extinct volcano dominating the landscape of the Kenyan Highlands. Reaching Batian the highest of the three peaks on Mount Kenya requires technical expertise, but the third highest peak of Point Lenana offers the finest six-day trek on the continent.


  • Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club
    Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club
    Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club Resort High on the slopes of Kenya’s highest mountain peaks and Africa’s second highest mountain after Mt. Kilimanjaro. Straddles by the equator, the hotel is located at a magnificent location for nature lovers, with a breathtaking view of Mount Kenya. The glorious luxurious resort offers a unique blend of comfort, relaxation and adventure. 
  • Rutundu Log Cabins Mt. Kenya
    Rutundu Log Cabins Mt. Kenya
    Looking for the perfect adventurous rough-luxe getaway? Perhaps the same place where Prince William proposed to his wife, Princess Catherine, who was then known as Kate Middleton? If so, Rutundu log cabins are just what you’re looking for. Set away from the more frequently visited tourism trails on the northern slopes of Mt. Kenya...
  • Treetops Aberdare
    Treetops Aberdare
    Treetops Lodge is located in Aberdare National Park, this world-renowned rustic. Originally built in 1932 for game viewing is famous as the place where the then-Princess Elizabeth ascended to the British Throne. The father King George VI died on 5th Feb 1952 the night she spent at Treetops while on honeymoon.

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